Hello parents. And in our time ...

Here are the photos of Billy Monk, worked as a bouncer in nightclubs 60-ies.Billy photographed club spree that from today not much different.
So, if a heavy head morning you will be offered the aspirin instead of the phrase - "And in our time ..." - do not believe and will object! In their time, it was the same dirty trick, as in our happy "carefree" life.

Billy even organized an exhibition of his works in 1982, but by law life he was killed,not having seen his show.


Krasnoyarsk aspire to a million! 

This new opportunities, new quality of life!


Select on our website, on whose examples to learn and we will send crews to study the leaders!

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thematic Cannel 12

A series of posters for the cognitive channel.

We assumed that each person can associate with a particular living being on his behavior, habit, dress or profession. We created these characters with whom it was asked, whose solution could be found to include 12 thematic channel.


Australia 1920

There is an endless resource hht, which affects their openness. Affects the work of the photographer and the scenes captured them. 

Thus, the Files of Police in Sydney:

Most striking portraits of criminals, each frame has artistic value.


Cover of the magazine "Details"

Editorial Board Details "photo project has developed a well-known people of the city without makeup and Photoshop.

The objective was to create a memorable cover, that's what happened:

20 years!

20 years together on the same channel!
This work does not claim to uniqueness, we just want to share their holiday. 
Our television on Feb. 20 was 20 years old and it just so happened that the weather in this season we are not happy. We decided to residents of our proud little to please the positive posters and on TV screen with bright rolls uplifting. This time you can stay kids! 
We are together on one channel, for this was invented by a big yellow sofa on whichall fit!

Everything has just begun.

A few shots from the set.

 Igor Shpeht